Zakynthino orange - 2021


Plush & TexturedLevel of Funkiness 3savourysalty

This wine is made from 100% Zykanthino. It comes to us from the certified Organic and Biodynamic producer Evriviadis Sclavos, who is the driving force behind the Sclavos winery and one of the pioneers of natural wine production in Greece.
This local variety is cultivated in the Elios area of ​​South Kefalonia. It originates from Zakynthos, settled by monks 400 years ago. The plateau of Elios-Pronnon has a southwestern exposure of loamy clayey soil and is directly influenced by the mountain range of Ainos which gives excellent conditions for the development of this grape.
Zakynthino Orange by Sclavos is an intense and fiery wine with a rich body and aromas that remind you of raisins—richly layered with honey, caramel, and orange bitters. Plush in texture and salty through the bone-dry finish.