Volta (βόλτα) in Greek, means going for a stroll, ride or a walk. Getting out of your space, exploring and discovering.


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One would’ve thought that we chose this name because we were planning to remain restless.

But actually things happened quite in the opposite manner. The name came up in a discussion of what truly characterizes us as a group of people, our essence would eventually become part of what we exemplify at our bar. Before even opening our doors on Attikis street in Limassol, we gathered our stuff - glasses, bottles, kitchen equipment, tables and chairs - and we started hosting dinner parties in the most surprising of all places; car garage, vineyards, wineries, outdoor cinemas by the beach are only a few of the spaces we’ve set up so far. Giving you the opportunity, even for a night, to escape everyday reality and be part of a magical communal dinner where you get to meet, taste and connect.

On winter days, when moving around is not as possible, we bring friends over for a Volta. Prepare to meet wine producers from Cyprus, Greece and afar. To meet chefs that will take over our kitchen for a few days up to a whole month and give us a taste of their culinary perspective. Or to be part of music and other cultural events. This will be an ever evolving Volta, connecting over the values that make us who we are: honest wine, true food, warm hospitality.