Handy Guide through your Volta wines

All of those signs next to the description of each wine, aren't there just for good looks. We added them in an effort to help you navigate through our niche selection of wines. Every single one describes a key feature of the wine, whether it is how funky it tastes, what the flavour and aromatic profile of the wine is, or what vibe the wine delivers.


Amphora Amphora: A wine that has been fully or partially fermented and/or aged in clay amphora / koumna / quevri. So many names, same concept. Amphora was the first vessel ever used for fermenting wine, originating in Georgia (hence the name quevri). In the last couple of years they have been increasingly popular amongst the natural winemakers as amphoras are porous (like oak) and allow air to circulate through the wine. This helps the tannins to soften and increases tertiary aromas like dried fruits, nuts and honey.  Some amphoras may be buried underground in an effort to further stabilise the temperature or even be lined with beeswax if a producer wants to lessen the oxygen input. In any case, amphoras are used for white,  red, rose and orange wines. Expect textural wines, more full bodied, with lots of complexity and some tannins. 

Crisp & Mineral Crispy & Mineral: Definitely dry wines, with high acidity, lots of citrus fruit and minerality. Think of a Riesling or a Chablis. Drink them as an aperitif, seafood or anything fried and crunchy.

Aromatic Aromatic: Violets, jasmine, lemon blossoms, elderflower - to name a few. Or even thyme, grass, mint, or pepper for some herbaceousness. Could be white, could be red,  rose or orange. If you are one of those guys who stops to smell the roses, always has a vase full of flowers at home or loves a good flowery perfume - these are your wines my friend. 

Fruit forward Fruit forward: Berries, Apples, Citruses, Stone fruits, Tropical - you name it folks. Zesty / green / unripe / red / blue / dark / ripe or overripe, each fruit has its own character and this determines the character of the wine in hand as well. 

Full & Rich Full & RichBold and beautiful, often with oak & spice.  Usually paired with savoury notes found below. These are the reds you want to pair with your steaks, with or a nice full on stew. Smoke, earth, dark fruits, sweet spices are some of the notes you should expect here, along with round tannins and medium acidity.

Juicy & Medium bodied Juicy & Medium bodied: When you don't want to go overboard with oak and body, but need some complexity in your life. A balance option to please them all. Ripe dark fruits will be present here, acidity will not be overpowering, easy tannins and a great pairing to pretty much anything. True crowd pleasers in their essence and a perfect gift for anyone.

Light & Lifted Light & Lifted: Think of a happy go lucky type of guy. There to please, no single worry in the world, cheerful and easy. This is exactly how these wines feel. Full of freshness and aromas of berry fruits, sometimes together with some herbaceousness and florality. Low alcohol bangers, cooler climate reds, refreshing acidity, super smooth tannins, usually from varieties such as Pinot Noir, Gamay and the likes.

Plush & Textured Plush & Textured: White wines to appropriate for a cold night and next to a main course which is creamy, luscious and umami rich. Full bodied and robust, rich and opulent, full of texture and personality. Some of them could use some air, so bring the decanter if you have it as these wines evolve with some air & often over a day or two. 

Salty Salty: Have you been to a Greek island? You know that feeling of sea water in your hair, saltiness on your lips and a fresh breeze that smells like the sea? These are the wines that will transport you exactly there. And what really beats that? Could be any colour wine but usually these are whites, oranges & reds from coastal regions. 

Savoury Savoury: Smoke, spice, leather & other non-fruit notes are the main act here. Usually reds or complex orange wines with a lot of aging and extended skin contact. We know you, you come in the bar asking for something dirty. These wines satisfy our obsession with all things dry and bitter.


Age worthy Age worthy: If I've learnt one thing from my love for wine, is how to be patient and the importance of patience. Made for the cellar, it's kind of almost a shame if you drink them now. Structured and sophisticated as they are, they could definitely benefit from at least 5-7 more years in the bottle. This could be the best gift is someone gave birth or if it's someone's wedding - boy are they in for A LOT of patience.

*Store in a cool, dark place with minimal temperature fluctuations for best results.*

Hidden Gems Hidden Gems: Unknown or misunderstood varieties, underrated regions and legendary producers. These are the wines that we like to show off with. Like 'look what I've discovered, this is magnificent'. These wines reflect a passion for regional styles, traditions and near-extinct grapes. And nothing excites as more. 

Only here Only here: Imported through Volta wine bar or The Lighthouse of mr Vertigo Cyprus, and exclusive to us! 

Unicorn Wines Unicorn Wines: If you see them, grab them. Don't even blink. Here for a few appearances and just for a short time. You definitely don't want to miss out. Top cuvées from the hottest names & living OGs of low intervention wines. Highly allocated, widely coveted & may not be produced every year. Buy one for now and another for your cellar if you can. 

Weekday bangers Weekday bangers: The just want to enjoy a glass of wine and chill type of wine. Easy, crowd pleasing, no brainy type of wines. Super affordable, perfect for casual weeknights, takeout dinners & wine emergencies when you need to open something that is nice but not TOO nice. Value for money all the way.

Weekend prize Weekend Prizes: Fancy you! Are you celebrating for something or is the wine a cause of celeHomeopathy for vines. A stringent certification that takes into account the entire ecosystem of the vines.bration on its own? Whatever the case, you've done good and wish we could be there to have a sip from that goodness... Expect iconic producers, benchmark wines and top cuvées. Oh, don't forget to post a photo on your Instagram, otherwise you never had it.

Biodynamic Biodynamic: 

The Canon The OGs: The OGs, the legends of low intervention winemaking. The guys who showed the way to follow and created the trend that changed our perception of wine, the ones who inspired the rest. Show off with these names on your next restaurant visit.  

Level of Funkiness

Funkiness Level 1 Level 1: When we say low intervention - biodynamic or even natural wine, there is no need to believe that this automatically translated to funky wine. Classic wines, in classic styles and the most accessible of all wines. Perfect for lunch with mom, impressing your conservative boss or your start to exploring the world of low intervention wines. 

Level 2 Level 2Classic with a twist. A bit of funkiness never hurt nobody. Usually this means, unfiltered and unfined, almost none sulphur, and indigenous varieties, but without going overboard. Definitely a great starting point.

Level 3 Level 3: Things start to escalate here. A bit of risky business and you can't say no without trying. Some haziness, savouriness, a bit of barnyard aromas or animal like. Can you handle the heat?

Level 4 Level 4: Avril Lavigne singing 'Let’s get weird' in the background and there is nothing stopping you! This could be absolute fun or a complete disaster I guess. Definitely not for the faint hearted. In our humble opinion, these are the true gems. Complexity all the way. Textural, full of life and surprises. Who doesn't like surprises really?