Milan Nestarec

WTB - 2019


This is Milan Nestarec's thank you to the land and the place. Its integrity and roots. 

This wine reflects the precious loess soil better than any other. Úlehle is a vineyard that's new to them, and one of the oldest they have – it is a highly prized and time-tested site planted in the 1970s. Proudly, since 2019, they can farm there, even if only on less than a hectare. The loess gets mixed with a small amount of limestone, which adds to the wine's wit and typicity.

This wine captures the authentic soul of Gruner Veltliner from Bilovice loess marvelously. 

The name is a nod to its older Gruner sibling WTF, giving away that the key to this wine's personality is not what happens in the cellar (flor), but in the vineyard (Bilovice).

Top notch stuff...