Vouni Panayia

Platani - 2020


Fruit forwardplush&texturedage worthyFunky level 2

Microvinification is a fascinating project which started in 2018 by the Kyriakides' family, in order to explore further the character and full potential of Cyprus' native grape varieties - and believe you me, they've done that for sure. Every year, they try new takes on indigenous varieties and bottle their best experiments, summing up to 33 different wines from day one 'til today. The Fifth edition of microvinifications marks the last one.
To Platani highlights the Morokanella variety sourced from the Tremithi vineyard at 1050 meters elevation. With 50% of the final blend undergoing ten days of skin contact, the wine matures on the lees for nine months and ages in the bottle for 18 months. Morokanella is the true chameleon of Cyprus' varieties, showcasing a different profile based on each vinification method introduced. Here, it becomes kind of tropical, with nuances of stone fruits. A truly intriguing wine with peach aromas and a pleasing tannic grip.