Penteskoufi White - 2021


fruit forwardbiodynamicjuicy & medium bodiedfunky level 1

The small castle of Penteskoufi was built by the Frank crusaders and its original use was to supervise Acrocorinth. Today it "supervises" the vineyards of the Kontogiannis family located in the wider area and so it gives its name to two of the wines of the small winery. White Penteskoufi is a blend of Roditis and Savvatiano from a 30-year-old field blend, biodynamically cultivated and produced in very small quantities, with minimal interventions and indigenous yeasts. Tropical hints on the nose, candied pineapple with a wonderfully soft mouthfeel and excellent concentration. Rich and mature but not at all heavy, with absolute harmony of richness and freshness. A wine with exceptional depth and crystal clear expression.