Penteskoufi Rose - 2021


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The small castle of Penteskoufi was built by the Frank crusaders and its original use was to supervise Acrocorinth. Today it "supervises" the vineyards of the Kontogiannis family located in the wider area and so it gives its name to two of the wines of the small winery. The rosé Penteskoufi from the Mavroudi variety, a variety that after research was found to have a genetic correlation to Agiorgitiko (something like its ancestor let's say), is produced by directly pressing whole bunches. The color that the wine manages to "pull" is a wonderful pomegranate colour with extremely expressive aromas of ripe strawberry and mouth with dense fruit, mild levels of tannins and a long aftertaste. If you are looking for a gastronomic rosé then this wine is for you.