Muscat of Spinas Aori - 2022


Level of Funkiness 1Crispy&mineralsaltyplush&textured

Emilios Andrei searches for old vineyards in the hinterland of Chania - his birthplace, where he might find hidden wine treasures of indigenous Cretan varieties. The starting point of his Don-Quixotic approach is a self-rooted vineyard with Muscat of Spina, at Platyvola, with an altitude of 810 meters in the so called White Mountains of Crete. From there he produces a sensational Muscat of Spinas, which escapes the idea of an aromatic white wine and is full of energy, crispiness and vitality, with an almost salty feeling in the mouth. Granitic-shale soils and a ungrafted perennial vineyard seem to work their miracle in a wine that puts this variety in a different dimension and gives it an exceptional gastronomic identity and multilevel complexity.