Chloe Chatzivariti

Migma PetNat white - 2022


AromaticFruit forwardWeekday BangersFunky level 1

If a season could actually be bottled, this pet-nat full of aroma, life, energy and electricity would list its sole ingredient as “Summer”. Our beloved Goumenissa based friend, Chloe Chatzivariti, managed to capture the essence of summer in her two PetNats. 

A delicious sparkling wine with dense fruit, intense floral character and refreshing acidity that will win you over from the very first sip! Bottled before the primary fermentation is complete to capture the carbon dioxide and produce all those bubbles (#petnatforever), is the perfect match to your poolside existence— throw a bottle in your favourite tote bag, kick your shoes off, be like, “the only rule of today is that THERE ARE NO RULES” & see where Migma takes you.