Iliana Malihin

Liatiko rose - 2022


Level of Funkiness 1Fruit forwardAromaticweekday bangers

Iliana Malihin's commitment to highlighting the "treasures" of southern Rethymno seems stronger than any form of difficulty. The great fire that wiped out a large part of the old prephylloxeric vineyards in Melampes led her to other paths. Looking for organic grapes in other villages of Rethymno such as Fourfouras, Monastiraki, Platania, Vatos etc. she found dry farmed bush vines of the Liatiko variety, aged 15-50 years. The new rosé she created is based on exactly the same principles and philosophy that governs all of her wines. This wine wasn't meant to be and was created as a necessity, but it's definitely here to stay. A gastronomic rosé of low interventions with a beautiful fruit reminiscent of cherry and plums and a mouthfeel with mild tannins and the astringency of grapefruit in the aftertaste which balances the sweetness of the fruit.