Iliana Malihin

Lefkos - 2022


Fruit forwardweekday bangersFunky level 1

Whatever doesn't kill you, can only make you stronger... Iliana Malihin fought the great fire in Melampes and despite the huge disaster managed to create some magic and some exceptional wines as reflected in this white blend of Vidiano and Thrapsathiri. Lefkos is the "core" of her production for this year, given that a large part of the prephylloxeric ungrafted vines that she used for her other wines were destroyed (but hopefully will be fully restored with a lot of work in the vineyard). This blend comes from Vidiano vines that survived in Melampes but also from other villages such as Spili and Petrochori in the wider area of Rethymno. The combination of the two varieties gives a wine with a nice thickness and volume in the mouth that highlights both the fruity and botanical characteristics of the varieties.