Milan Nestarec

GinTonic - 2019


When the 2015 juice (the first edition of this wine) was fermenting, its aroma was super reminiscent of juniper berries and its slightly bitter aftertaste made it taste like tonic water. As a result, everybody in the winery was constantly tasting it on barrel, and it earned “GinTonic” as a working title scribbled on the barrel, and the name stuck ever since.

Originally based on Sauvignon blanc, yet it never tasted like the mainstream grassy idea of one. Since the 2018 vintage, G&T has been made from two parts of Stará Hora, a beautiful old vineyard with Sauvignon and Riesling planted in the 1980s and some 45+ years old Pinot Blanc.

As the vines are getting older, the Riesling (being the tougher guy here) is gradually becoming more prevalent both in the vineyard and in the cuvée, contributing precise structure, energy and ageing potential, balancing out the signature G&T depth. A wine full of finesse, energy and joy.