Aurora Rosato - 2021


AromaticFruit forwardFunky level 2Weekday bangers

A wickedly exciting thought that makes your brain tickle & goosebumps rise. If you think rosé season is over you are big time missing out on this savoury thrill, one step over from the light red party. Winery Aurora, farms local, old vine grape varietals on 10 hectares of vines in Marche. They use no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to allow the wines to sing of their time & place over anything else. The grape, Morettone, is known for its aromatic qualities. This wine is delightful and utterly distinct. With a calm acidity and a persistent power it is characterised by a fresh nose, with a floral bouquet reminiscent above all of rose and iris but also, in part, of plum and rhubarb. Drink on bright autumnal afternoons.