Yiannis Economou

Economou Asyrtiko - 2014


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Yianni Economou Assyrtiko 2014 is definitely not your typical Assyrtiko, while it redefines the notion of complexity in white wines. In fact, there aren't many wines with the intensity, strength, and structure of this particular wine. Unique oxidation that is intentional on the nose, with a finesse that is only found in the best wines of the Jura, an astonishing set of aromas that comes in the range of dried fruits and nuts and in the mouth, an extremely balanced acidity which comes to refresh everything and underline how the wine, in spite of its evolution, still has a long way to go. A wine that has a great gastronomic identity and that flirts with the past and the future of winemaking. A wine with long after taste, difficult to forget.