Akra Chryssos

Akra Santorini - 2022


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While most of Santorini continues to make incredible classic and conservative wines, many young producers are shaking things up. Viticulturist Spyros Chryssos took over his family's 200 acres of vineyards with ancient vines that counted over 100 years old. At the same time, he embraced traditional practices, such as organic vineyards grown without mechanical means, experimentation with biodynamic cultivation, indigenous yeasts and low sulfites. The result was the creation of a Santorini wine with much more than just a dose of sea freshness and lemon mineral character. Next to the remarkable saltiness and minerality reminiscent of ash, there is a soft -full flesh - fruity character combined with some oxidation notes. Together they pull the wine from its razor-sharp feel, adding depth and richness to its texture. A wine that has everything you expect from an authentic expression of Santorini.