Pyscis Blue Mussels with Garlic and Chili


Mediterranean blue mussel chosen by Pyscis team for this specific recipe with garlic and guindilla chili is lovingly grown in Galicia, the heart of artisanal tinning, and permanently bathed by the clean moving waters of the Atlantic ocean.

Pyscis mussels are larger-sized than the previous production (now 12-16 pieces per tin), and paired only with olive oil, garlic, guindilla chili and a pinch of salt. 

The removal of the pre-cooked mussels out of their shells, as well as the laying into tins, is done entirely by hand. Rigorous quality control ensures that only the best, undamaged, uniform mussels make it into our tins.

Ingredients:  12-16 mussels (molluscs), olive oil, garlic, chili, salt.

Net weight 110g, drained weight 70g.